Tribute to John Charles Stroebel Jr. 8ZW
1894 - 1957

Here is a story about John Stroebel 8ZW who was an early Wheeling, WV radio pioneer and eventually founded WWVA.

Please read his tribute by W8SU!


It was speculated that the box of newspaper clippings may have come to
my father when John Stroebel was building antennas in Nebraska. The
station at Hastings was only ~80 miles from my father's (W3AZ) hometown of
Crete. But based on the timeline given, that would have been
somewhere between 1922 and 1926. My father was born in 1921, so if
that's the path by which they came to him it would have to have been
through intermediaries. Like much of Mr. Stroebel's later life, how
my father wound up with them will probably remain a mystery.
Bill Leavitt

The newspaper clippings were donated to K8CX by Bill Leavitt (W3AZ's son)


QSL from the estate of W3AZ
Courtesy of Bill Leavitt & W3MC
Tribute courtesy of W8SU

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