Tribute to Jack Altman - SWL
Born May 15, 1909 - SK date unknown

When I was at the "Radio Contact" exhibit at Harvard yesterday. I noticed a copy of an SWL card from Jack Altman of Rockaway Park, Long Island, NY in the exhibit. I remember getting several of these over the years and wondered who he was. Does anyone know? Apparently he was sending out these same SWL cards from the 1940's (based on eBay auctions of them) up to at least the early 1970's. Was he also a ham? K1DG


Jack Altman 1952 QSL at the "Radio Contact" Harvard exhibit


The Jack Altman case was a tough one, but there are a few answers of who he was and what became of him up into the 1980's.

Read the research done by Bob W8SU!


Jack Altman 1961 SWL
120-11 Beach Channel Drive, Rockaway Park, L.I., NY


Here is a 1963 QSL by Jack Altman - An SWL post card of the Americana in 1963 which is now the Sheraton NY Times Square Hotel.
I've known a lot of good talented people that were satisfied being in the SWL loop and for one reason or another never became interested in getting their ham license.


1st QSL from the "Radio Contact" Harvard exhibit courtesy of K1DG
2nd QSL & Tribute courtesy of W8SU
3rd QSL from eBay

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