Robert J. Devine - K8ZFW
1936 - 2013

Bob Devine from Richfield, Ohio was a Christian Broadcaster and well known Moody Institute radio personality. He was a Broadcasters Hall of fame inductee in 1990.

Read his tribute by W8SU!


Bob Devine was "Tops in his field"!


Taken before retirement!


A young K8ZFW at studio controls 103.3 FM.


Newly remodeled studio dedicated in Bob Devine's memory in 2016.
WCRF 103.3 Cleveland


This is an early postcard view of Walton, NY where the Devine family grew up and had their ministry.



Here are a couple of Bob's books!



Bob Devine's father Rev. John Henry Devine started his ministry as a street preacher in NYC - he would later speak over station WHAP in Manhattan.
Here is a confirmation letter from WHAP.


Tribute and photos courtesy of W8SU


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