Tribute to Clarke R. Harwood - KL7CGH
February 22, 1927 - July 4, 2006

CWO4 Clarke Harwood had 31.5 years of faithful USCG service. After retirement, Clarke earned a degree in Civil Engineering and served the City of New Orleans.   From my USCG start in 1958 meeting Mr. Harwood in Ketchikan, Alaska, a two year tour of duty. It was a tough life and little did I know each of us had our trials and tribulations. I was an apprentice and Russ made life a lot easier, allowing myself to enter the radio field aboard ship. He was kind to his shipmates and was well thought of. We lost track over the years and through the kindness of Officer Harwood's daughter (Carolyn) we learned of this mans outstanding service and raising his children. The U.S. Coast Guard Band and Honor Guard from the Training Academy served at Mr. Harwood's funeral at Arlington National Cemetery in October of 2006. He was also honored by our President George W. Bush.
RIP Dear friend. W8SU ZUT


With appreciation from the President of the U.S.A. George W. Bush.


Courtesy of W8SU

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