Aproximately 1990, radio club meeting at the Red Barn in Hermitage, PA.

W3KYP 1986

Carl's grandson Tony D'Urso was youngest licensed op in PA - 1986

Carl Wilhide W8GRA, W3KYP, NC3L

I found your website. Very interesting.
I found my Father Carl J. Wilhide W3KYP, NC3L.
There is a short story why my Father went from W3KYP to NC3L. It is as follows. My father started to forget small things such as where his keys were, where he set a book down. Small things of this nature. But he became concerned thinking he was starting to have memory lapses etc or the start of demencia.
So he decided to contact Thiel College and take the test to higher his ham license. He studied hard. Very hard. He was among 12 people in his class. All much much younger. Some college students. He took the test only to be the only one who passed with the highest grade he could receive. He never said anything to anyone, as this was his way. But as one of his three children, we were all extremely impressed with our Father.
When my son was 13 he became interested in learning ham radio. My father helped him study and when he was 13 he took the test at Hermitage High School and passed, thanks to his father and his great instructor.
Mary D'Urso

I remember visiting Carl Wilhide's home which included a tour of his shack and an in-depth explanation of the construction and operation of his seismograph. I hope someone kept a copy of the club's Carrier Wave that reported the visit because I've forgotten Carl's accounts. I almost always think of that visit on the rare drives past his former home and wonder what condition the subsurface steel casing and detection mechanism is in now. Didn't think of taking pictures back then - maybe the family has some. W3JTV

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Email, info, 1986 photos from his daughter Mary D'Urso
Other info courtesy of W3JTV


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