Pete Antolich W8OAJ

Before the war Pete had a gas station on South Irvine near the old G&T cone company. After he came home from the army, he lived with his sister in Farrell and was W3OAJ but he moved back to Masury and got his old call back. By the way I should have said Old 62 that went past the Gray Wolf and around the power station in Masury.

W8OAJ/8 was listed in February 1947 QST under Mercer County Radio Assn. with the 1946 tenth Field Day results. W8CXO comments: I remember that year well. We had a big tent with plenty of room. That was the year of Pete Antolich and his 120 ft.vertical made from down spout. The same year Jerry Opple W8UCL got so disgusted on ten meters, that he went home and took down his ten meter beam and brought it over on the top or his car.

The other hams that I remember being at that field day in 1947 were Clyde Heck W3GEG, Dick Heck W3NCD, John Tomko W3CJF, Larry Smith W3LNA, Harold Campbell W3QCN, Harry Donaldson W3CJB, Erwin Lang W3MWV, Stan Peterson W8SFG, Ernie Hlinsky W3KWL, Paul Trice W3QHS.

Bill, W8CXO (W3KQA).

Photos and info courtesy of W8CXO