The following email was received from W3CSA on November 4, 2007:

Hello Tom -- Former WN3CSC and I were talking the other day and he told me about your web site. I found it very interesting and it reminded me of lots of Old timers that I had contact with in the past.

Dave Schirmer, a teacher at Farrell HS, got me interested in electronics in 1954-56. He taught me how to solder and build Heath kits. I think he had a ham ticket but I didn't see it listed.

Clyde Heck W3GEG gave me my novice exam at the Buhl club in 1955 (along with a study group of about 30 or so).

Ernie W3KWL was my elmer for many years. He lived close to me in Farrell. He gave me my Tech test in 1956.

Nick Lisac was my first contact on 80M cw in 1955. He was also my younger brothers God Father.

I went on to engineering school and studied Electrical engineering. I worked as an engineer/manager at Westinghouse in Sharon and Greenville until the plants closed. Westinghouse offered me an engineering managers position in South Boston, VA and I operated as W3CSA/4 from Halifax VA for a number of years. I then moved to Bristol TN and was general manager for Federal Pacific and Operated there as W3CSA/4. After a few years Square D asked me to relocate to Milwaukee and head up their engineering department. I operated from Germantown WI as W3CSA/9 for several years. In 1990 my wife and I moved to Cranberry Twp when Westinghouse asked me to lead their internaltional transformer engineering group for Guarbo PR, Juarez Mexico and Greentree PA. Cutler-Hammer/Eaton purchased the operation and I ended up working for them until 1998 when I retired. My first order of business after I retired was to get my Extra class. Not as active as I would like to be on the ham bands. Due to CC&R's I have to use "HIDDEN" antennas, most of them in the attic. During contests I have worked K3LR on 80 and 160 using my 25 foot end loaded attic dipole with 50 watts. I have over 200 countries confirmed at this QTH with the limited antenna setup. I have gotten into digital modes and spend lots of time, when it is available, working PSK31.

FYI Bill Jackson K8JSC worked for me in Greenville as a lab tester. He passed away several years ago. Jerry Opple also worked for me as a lab tester.

Did Bill W3APK work at Greenville as a tester? If so tell him I said hello. I hope he remembers me.

FYI before we moved out of the Shenango Valley I did manage to work 50 Mhz WAS as number 594. I did come in first place for WPA in several VHF contests in the 60's and 70's also. I can't sit still long enough for contests now a days!

I have a BIO on also.

Thanks for all the memories, say hello to all the hams in the Valley, and 73,

Frank W3CSA