Licensed Hams in Upper Peninsula, Michigan – June 30, 1930 – Dept. of Commerce Callbook

Listing by Town



W9AX – Peter Romsek – 46 E. Pine St.

W9EVG – Abraham Blum – 605 Pine St.

Dollar Bay

**W9BAC – Richard Laplander – Dollar Bay, Mich. W8ZDQ when I knew him.

W9CEX – Edward Seppla – Dollar Bay, Mich.

W9EQV – Eino Lahikainen – Box 98


W9EZY – Walter Pardridge – Drummond, Mich.


W9BBP – Edward Gamache - 1314 Minnesota Ave.

W9DYH – William Peterson – 1008 Minnesota Ave.


W9BWU – Ralph Ziegenbein – 237 Douglas St.

**W9FZJ – William Jackson – College Ave. Same guy as W9EGF in Laurium Later W8EGF and W8DYL in Marquette

**W9XAW – EXPERIMENTAL STATION – Michigan College of Mining & Technology Later W8YY

Iron Mountain

W9EGB – Caesar Aimone – 408 Fourth St.


W9CUC – Thomas Winn – 112 E. Frederick St.

W9CWR – Toivo Kangas – 357 Houk St.

W9EMB – L. W. Van Slyck – 420 Summit Drive

W9FTJ – Gogebic Amateur Radio Club – Corner Lowell and Harding Avenue


W9CE – Thomas Lokken – 162 Bluff St.

**W9EVI – August Erickson – 724 E. Bank St. Later W8KT in Palmer. I have one of his old bugs.

W9FNW – Alrick Hill – 142 Summit Ave.


W9AXM – Alf Jentoft – Third Ave.

W9ELU – Milo Malville – Bay Shore Drive


W9ANT – Russell Johns – 205 Iroquois St.

W9AXE – James Semenski – 424 Osceola St.

**W9EGF – William Jackson – Laurium, Mich. Later W8EGF - Laurium W8DYL – Marquette FOUNDER Northwest Radio


W9APH – Harold Hughson – 508 Michigan Ave.

**W9GJX - Helen Hargreaves – 127 Arbutus Ave. Later Helen Cloutier – W8GJX Lived in Escanaba Noted author


**W9CSI – John Sincock – 615 Champion St. Later W8CSI – moved to Copper Country

W9DRR – Robert Rose – 410 E. Ridge St.

W9DUE – Hubert Abfalter – 300 E. Hewitt Ave.

W9ECG – Earle Bradley – 506 Rock St.

W9FPF – Steven Paull – 816 Pine St.

W9GKR – Donald Hawkins – 349 E. Hewitt Ave.

**W9HK – Raymond St. Cyr – 319 Harrison St. Later W8HK


W9FBC – Alex Simon – 319 Fulton St.


W9DQA – Earle Allen – 116 Merry St.

W9GBH – G. C. Blee (Radio Service Laboratories) – 426 Iron St.


W9ALG – Edwin Lofgren – 312 Trueman Ave.

W9ERQ – Leo Vachow – 224 Mulberry Ave.


W9DSJ – Kenneth Smith – Pickford, Mich.


**W9DNK – Carl Nelson – Poor Farm Road Later W8GT in Ishpeming – Had radio and TV shop

Sault St. Marie

W9AGE – George Edelen – Army Radio Station Fort Brady

W9EMJ – Wilfred Dusky – Radio Station Fort Brady

South Range

**W9EUC – Albert Prebelich – 43 Second St. Later W8EUC lived across alley from my Aunt and Uncle

W9EXT – Reynold Klemetti – 58 Fourth St.


W9CWD – Ronald Patrie – Spalding, Mich.

St. Ignace

W9FZM – Roy Closs – St. Ignace, Mich.

Prepared by Don Karvonen – K8MFO February 5, 2012

Recently a childhood friend W8YV (originally K8HBG) and I have been reminiscing about the "good old days" in the Upper Peninsula.

I went one step back from that, and compiled a complete listing of U.P. hams from the 6/30/30 Department of Commerce call book. At that time the U.P. was in the 9th call area -- there was no ZERO call area. The 8th call area included at least parts of New York and Pennsylvania.

I find it interesting that "Dollar Bay", just a turn in the road, had 3 hams at that time! Sault Ste. Marie, one of the "major cities" only had 2, both of whom were at Fort Brady.

I do feel very honored to have met and worked some of those old timers.

Bill Jackson W9EGF/W9FZJ later held W8EGF and W8DYL calls -- his bug CW sounded as good as a keyer. In addition to founding Northwest Radio, he put one of the first BC stations - WHDF - on the air in Houghton.

Carl Nelson - W9DNK later held W8GT. He could "fix anything" in his tiny shop in Ishpeming.

John Sincock - W9CSI, later W8CSI, and Ray St. Cyr - W9HK, later W8HK were stalwarts of ham radio for decades in the U.P.

Then of course there was Helen - W9GJX, later W8GJX. Everyone knew her! In her autobiography, I learned that when hams were shut down for WWII, this did not at first stop Helen and her father from having their regular CW skeds! She was a dynamic lady -- first met her when I was 12 years old.

73, Don K8MFO