Tribute to Elmer Christenson

W0HCZ Since 1936

Elmer Christenson W0HCZ went down in history as a great man to those who knew him and an unknown to most who did not. He became licensed originally in 1936 as W9HCZ as then Minnesota was designated as "9" land. He built all his own equipment until he could afford the Hammerlund HQ129 in the photo below. He taught radio theory and code in WWII to those in the Navy Radio ratings known as SPARKY to the others on board ships. Communications was his middle name. Over the years he has made many many contacts and QSL's. I have cards dating back to 1938 in his scrapbook. Some of these cards have been donated to the museum for the history of Ham Radio. He taught me the art of communicating since I was 5 years old. He will be missed.


The below photo was taken in 1960 and was the radio station in our basement. The transmitter on the left was built by him and all of the equipment pictured I still have including the desk and lamp. Thanks to the museum for posting this. Gary Christenson WB0FOB.

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