Tribute to Donnelly G. Self - W0MMK
22 July 1922 - 14 March 2010

This silent key goes out in memory of:
Donnelly G. Self
22 July 1922 to 14 March 2010
Donn most recently renewed his license in 2008.
He was, Extremely proud of his Ham association &
was very committed
to his role as an emergency operator.
He was an avid camper, hiker and fisherman.
He knew the names and oral history of all of the mountains of Colorado.
Donn had 4 sons 2 daughters.
In addition, he was also a “custodial parent” for his grandson Justin for several years.
His best friend, greatest asset, stability, caregiver & supporter in life was,
his Baby Sister Judy.
Donn left us in March of this year after a bad fall and is greatly missed by many.
I thought it fitting that on this day, we honor him by officially signing him off for a final time. Please honor the memory of: Donnelly G. Self
with a moment of silence today.
Thank you.
Dianna Self


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