Roger Payne Smith W1EOA
October 13, 1909 - October 29, 2000




From "The Sparkgap"; Newsletter of the Wellesley Amateur Radio Society.

from Gerry Driscoll, NV1T
It is with sadness that I report that Roger Payne Smith, W1EOA has passed away. Roger just had his 91st birthday. He was a long time club member and epitomized what a ham radio operator should be. He will be missed.

from Tom Kinahan N1CPE
Roger was a founding member of WARS, a past President, and lifetime member. He was active in the early 1950s when the Wellesley Civil defense organization was formed, and I think we even have some pictures around of that crew with Roger in them. The Wellesley ARS was formed in about 1951 by members of the Civil Defense organization. Over time the Civil Defense group mostly dissolved, but WARS has continued until today.

from Barry Hawkes N1BAN
I enjoyed talking to Roger when he came to club meetings in the late 80s and early 90s. Roger used to sort QSL cards for the bureau. For several years, he personally delivered QSL cards to my father John Hawkes W1GUF, also a silent key. According to my mother, they would chat for an hour or more during each visit. I believe they were reminiscing about hamming during the 30s and 40s.

from Bill Emerson WA1EVD
Sometime in November of the early 1960's I had just acquired my Novice ticket. One afternoon I was trying for some DX on 15 meters when I heard some loud key clicks on the band. Obviously a nearby station transmitting. I quickly found the station on cw and noted the call W1EOA. After he completed his QSO, I called him and identified my self and found out he was only a mile away (as the crow flies). We switched to voice and enjoyed a lengthy QSO. We finally signed with Roger saying we should get together for an eyeball (QSO). I thought he said "Highball" and agreed that would be very sociable. Well the highball never came about but we had many eyeballs over the years. Shortly after our first meeting I acquired my general class ticket. Roger then spent the better part of a warm November afternoon helping me put up an all band antenna. I learned many things from him (he was truly an elmer).

Roger, you will be missed. Someday I may be listening on some band and may hear some loud key clicks.......

Tribute by his daughter, Averill Smith Pappalardo.