Tribute to John G. Grubb - W2FGV
January 1, 1915 - Fall of 1974


John G. Grubb W2FGV was born in Paterson, NJ and graduated Eastside High School. He received a commendation letter from Eisenhower for his "patches" to troops serving overseas. He also received a letter from J. F. Kennedy because of his help in communicating to a Ham in the American Embassy during the Congo crisis in the sixties. He was a Ham buddy of Barry Goldwater. He was a member of MARS. As as kid, I recall FBI agents coming to the house to get him to sign secrecy papers. He was an excellent electronics man who once designed his own single side band transmitter. After his passing, his callsign W2FGV was requested by a young man who he helped become a Ham.

Tribute courtesy of his son, Bob Grubb


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