Tribute to "Gun" Robert W. Gunderson W2JIO of the Bronx.

Revered by those that knew him, the true sunshine station! He was an editor, author, teacher and design engineer.


Here is "Gun" with his Collins station!


This is his funeral card.

It says: Many hams know Bob from "Radio Row" days in New York, where he was the question & answer man for Hudson Radio. For 37 years he taught radio electronics to the students at the New York Institute for the education of the blind, where he received his early training. For 23 years Bob edited & published "The Braille Technical Press", the only monthly electronics magazine for the blind.

He has developed numerous test instruments enabling blind engineers & technicians to make practically all types of electronic measurements. Recognized for his work, Bob was on TV's "This Is Your Life" in 1950, and received from G.E. the 1955 Edison Radio Amateur Award. Retired, W2JIO operated from home: 20 Central Ave., Old Bridge, N.J. 06657.

I was listening to KMOX overnight radio the morning of  17 July 2016. They were playing an old time radio network program "Behind the Mike" by Graham McNamee recorded 29 Sept 1940. Low and behold McNamee was interviewing Bob Gunderson W2JIO and Bob's wonderfully modulated baritone voice! Wow what a voice, I heard Bob's voice for the first time. Gunderson was extolling the virtue of ham radio and what it could do for the handicapped. It contained personal stories on several handicapped people and was on the air for about a 12 or 13 minute interview. That was a experience I won't easily forget any time soon. W8SU


W2JIO on Radio-Electronics cover, March 1951.


This is Gun at his station.


W2JIO 1938 Old Bridge, New Jersey

Photos courtesy of NA2M, W8SU
QSL from the estate of W2JXN, W2JLW, W6ZNO
Tribute courtesy of W8SU


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