Stanley F. Kasper, W3ZGG, KA2SK
May 11, 1920 - August 9, 1995


Stanley was the author of the book ALL DEAD BUT ONE, published in 1955. Here is a novel that tells more than a breath-taking story of courage and suffering as it vividly documents the rigorous training of America's most feared and most dangerous shock troops. Here is a book that would not have been believed before - but now must be believed as it comes from the pen of a man who knows what it means.

In the OSS the only time you can knock off work is when you're dead. --Stanley Kasper - A professional soldier.

Lieutenant Colonel Kasper, enlisted in the United States Army as a private on September 11,1940. A year later he was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Signal Corps at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. It was in 1944 that he volunteered and went overseas as a member of the Office of Strategic Services in Europe. After World War II, he was transferred to the Philippine Islands for duty with the Signal corps. The Korean conflict sent him on his third tour of foreign duty - this time to the Far East Command - during which time he was awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service. Colonel Kasper recalls that the "basic plot for my story came to me while I was on a liberty ship bound for the United States after VE-Day. I realized that the people back home knew very little about the OSS."
--From the dust cover of the the novel ALL DEAD BUT ONE by Stanley F. Kasper.

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