Tribute to Warren B. Bruene, W0TTK, W5OLY

W0TKK Warren Bruene 1947 Cedar Rapids, IA

Warren B. Bruene, W5OLY (ex-W0TTK), of Richardson, Texas, died September 28, 2013. He was 96. A pioneer in HF communication, Bruene worked closely with the late Art Collins, WCXX, on many aspects of HF design during his 44 years with the Collins Radio / Rockwell Collins.

Bruene was a longtime member of the IEEE, the Richardson Wireless Club, Collins Collectors Association and other organizations. He held 22 patents and authored numerous articles for technical publications. In the 1950's he designed transmitters for the Strategic Air Command and the Voice of America.

He was recognized for his work with the Professional Achievement Citation in Engineering from Iowa State University.

Bruene's most recent article for CQ - "How a Few Elmers Unknowingly Changed the World" - appeared in the August 2013 issue. Two different RF sensing techniques are employed inside wattmeter slugs. The one most often used in HF and low VHF frequencies is referred to as a “MODIFIED BRUENE BRIDGE” approach. The BRUENE BRIDGE is named after Warren Bruene, W0TTK who originally described the design used by Collins Radio Corporation in a 1959 QST article.

QSL & tribute courtesy of KB4SAD