Tribute to Kenneth W. Ring - W8GYY
1919 - September 17, 1998

W8GYY Kenneth Ring was a long time US Steel empoloyee on the Inland Seas - Commissary department, cook. Made Erie and Conneaut his home sailing most of his life. Ken eventually made Texas his home and expired in New Braunfels, 17 Sept 1998. Sail on OM.


W8GYY 1952 SS Voorhees, Lake Superior


Featuring the US Steel steamer Enders M. Voorhees.


Kenneth W8GYY and his wife LaVerne

QSL from the estate of W2STU
Credit to Harold Lee family via K2UTS
Tribute, QSL, Photos courtesy of W8SU
Stone credit Curry/Schnuriger, San Jose Memorial Park San Antonio, TX


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