Tribute to Robert L. Chimner W8LTF

Dad was born March 28, 1908 and passed away March 26, 2006 just 2 days short of his 98th birthday.
He was active in ham radio all of his life. He often spoke of the very early days in the 1920's and how fascinated he was. He talks about how patient his Mother and Father were with his wires everywhere and "junk" all over. Since there was no television in those days, many people would come to his house to "listen" and to talk. It was a big thrill at that time.
During various wars, people would come to our house to talk to their loved ones who were stationed in foreign lands. It was heartwarming to witness those tearful and joyful reunions over the radio.
I can remember that Dad was a mentor to many young men who were interested in Ham Radio. Some of them were Gary Vrooman (W8ARH,) Dale Poblenz and Dick St.Amant. He loved to teach others about radio.
Dad was the youngest of 14 children. He was born and raised in Cheboygan Michigan and was the last surviving person of his immediate family. He moved to Wyandotte Michigan in 1940 shortly after I was born. There he worked as an electrical contractor until he retired in 1973. Dad was a member of the City of Wyandotte Electrical Examiners Board until he died.
He was married to Naomi Babbitt in 1936. My Mom was very supportive of his radio activity and liked to listen to his contacts. She passed away in 1991. Dad lived alone, with his kitty cat until he died. Tommy the cat, was always by my Dad and usually in his lap.

In 1995, Dad decided to learn computers and at the age of 87. He got his first computer and from then on he spent hours playing games, surfing the net and keeping up with his e-mail. In 2001 he decided that he wanted a faster computer and bought a new one!
I can say that he was active and alert until he died. He certainly will be missed by many!!

Tribute by his daughter, Nora Chimner