Tribute to Vincent W. Ekman - W9DEH, W8ZJE
1916 - 2015


W8ZJE was formerly W9DEH U.S. Army Signal Corps. He was a fantastic long time cw man, enjoyed 40 meters. When I knew Vince, his antenna of choice was a HI-Gain Vertical array which served him well.

Vince enjoyed the hamfests, generally attended many each year.


Operator: Vincent W. Ekman


W9DEH 1940 Ironwood, MI


W8ZJE 1949 Adrian, MI


W8ZJE 1955 Adrian, MI


Tribute courtesy of W8SU
W9DEH QSL courtesy of W5RG
1st W8ZJE QSL from W8SU
Green W8ZGE QSL courtesy of W8JYZ

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