WA1OPN 1975 Watertown, Massachusetts

Gayle Sabonaitis WA1OPN *1943-2010* Studied at Perkins School for the Blind she became interested in ham radio and obtained her extra class amateur license. A deaf-blind student Gayle continued her graduate studies thru the Univ. of Wisconsin while living at Perkins.   Gayle had a life long interest in poetry and writing. Here is a cherished selection "Friendship is a tree, with branches spreading outward, reaching out for friends." Gayle had a deep commitment to her faith and took many Bible courses from Hadley School for the Blind in Chicago.   Those of us who frequented 40 Meter CW recall her brisk, clean sending, making friends with the  aid of our Morse Code.



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QSL + Info courtesy of W8SU
Article courtesy of CQ Magazine