Tribute to Gy M. Brown WD5ABO
April 18, 1937 - April 19, 2011

Gy Brown silent Key as of 4-19-2011 at 11pm in Oklahoma .
I met Gy 20 some years ago on the cb and after a few weeks of talking Gy talked me into getting my 2 meter no code ticket this way we could talk on 2 meter Side Band , he would Never get on 2 meter repeaters , his words were wont catch me on those peters and you would'nt. I got my 2 meter ticket and he helped me in many ways to get one of the most powerful stations on the air,but not as powerful as Gy's. His station had a 120 ft tilt over tower setting in 12 yards of concrete with a 432 ssb beam 4 - 4218 boomers 42 ft long each which he sold me months later so he could put up a M Square. above the 432 ssb beam was a 2 meter cushcraft vertical beam and at the very top was 4 Omni directional 2m ssb big wheels...You can see his tower for miles.

Gy was a man who just a few hrs of knowing would have you laughing till you cried,he was one who LOVED to make people laugh and smile,he would make me laugh so hard on the radio that I'd have to tell him to hush. So funnie.

We went to many ham fest together,and just hanging out with him weather it's at his house or on the radio it didn't take long to see how much he loved his whole family because he talked highly of them all the time and as him and his lovely wife Betty who I Love and respect very much also were blessed with grandkids and gread grandkids, they were all he talked about up untill he had his stroke. It got to the point were I got so close to him and his wife Betty that I called him at least wonce a month after I moved away which turned into wonce a week, he referred to me as Little Hippy cause for many yrs I had pretty long hair. My wife and I would make special trips dwn there to surprise him with a couple day visit , by this time his sight was pretty bad but when I came in the door and talked even though he couldn't see me he always knew my voice,In a laughing reply he'd say Hey Little Hippie what are you doing here.

My wife Debbie (kc0seu) and I (kb0ncs) spent several yrs working construction on the road so our times going to see him was not as often cause of the distance,but I still called because Betty let me know how much it ment to him that I called and if it was over a week and I hadn't called he'd tell his wife he was worried about me.When I did call he'd say "Son were you been" The last few yrs of his life when he'd say bye on the phone he'd say " talk to you later Son" and my reply would be "Ok Dad".A few weeks ago I tried calling 8-10 times in two days with no reply I knew somthing was wrong then Betty called and said he'd had a stroke which kept him in the hopsital for a few weeks till the doctors said they had done all they could do for him and Gy said take me home. He came home on a thursday and my wife and I hit the raod Saturday to see him ,it was so hard to see my radio buddy in his hospital bed in his liveing room. My last thing to do for him to show how much he ment to me was to help his lovely daughters tend to his needs , and i asked if I could sleep on the couch by him and tend to him and keep him as comfortable as possible which they said would be fine.I knew when we left for home Sunday that would be the last time I'd see him . Due to reasons beyound my control I couldn't make it to the funeral,but happy my last visions of him was when he was alive.

His daughter's Belinda,Brenda and his Baby Girl Gayle were so sweet and kind to my wife and I during his last few weeks by letting us know everyday how he was, along with there mother Betty who is a very wonderful women and has told us for several yrs were a part of there family.
With this im gonna close with one Final thing.

Lyndle KB0NCS


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