Tribute to Youngstown, Ohio Radio Station WHOT

In 1954, a radio station in East Liverpool, OH gave up its license for 1570 Khz making it available for WFAB in Youngstown, OH. That callsign was changed to WHOT in 1955 when it became available.

View this Power Point presentation on the history of WHOT. (29.5 megs)

See the TOP list of songs on the WHOT Tunedex November 27, 1972.

Here is a list of hams that worked at WHOT.

W8WDC Myron Jones

W8CXO Bill Fleckenstein

WN8JUX Phil Hawkins

W8QKV Gene Coxson

W8OAJ Pete Antolich SK

W3FYV Doug Noderer

W8JV Jerry Viele

W8IZC Wes Boyd

W4FM Rodger Skinner

WB8ZMZ Joe Strausser

W3XZ Hank Panko

KA8R Andy Kadvan SK

KK8DX Bob Dukish

K3TUP John Kanzius SK.


Tribute courtesy of W8CXO
Tunedex courtesy of W8SU,
Used with permission from W8CXO

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