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by W8SU

This is the earliest WWV SWL QSL I've viewed, July of 1940. I brought it to WWV's attention which they placed on their web.


Circa 1945 originally in Maryland.


This one dated 1953 in original Maryland QTH.


They continued the 25 Mhz Time Signal in 1967 which was eventually dropped. I always felt it worth while. Such as it is for progress.


1st day card from Fort Collins, Colorado


1994 from Fort Collins, CO.


Quite a difference in technology pictured the Fort Collins operations. The Maryland signals in 1955 were much louder here in the 8th district on 2.5 and 5 and 10 Mhz. They also sent the time in Morse Code every 5 minutes which was a good teaching tool for those of us learning the art for our ticket.

Story, photo, and most QSL's by W8SU
1994 QSL from the estate of W2VDE
1st Day QSL from K8CX

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