2003 Year End Review


2003 DXING (A Year In Review By Joe, W1JR). Joe Reisert, W1JR, informed 
OPDX last weekend that "2003 wasn't such a bad year for DXing after all. 
I worked 286 entities, slightly less than in 2002. I missed 4 that I know 
of that were usually on lists or nets (which I try to avoid). Hence, for 
record keepers sake, about 45 entities did not have a valid operation in 
2003." So I asked Joe to put together something and I would publish 
it. Here is what Joe sent to OPDX: "As I said, I worked 286 DXCC entities 
in 2003, all of which I believe were legit stations and QSOs. Here's my 
list of the countries I believe were NOT active (legitimately) in 2003. 
   Africa:     3B6, 3Y (Bouvet), 5A, 9X, D6, E3, FR/G, FR/T, FT/W, FT/X, 
               FT/Z, VK0 (Heard) and ZS8 (Marion) 
   Antarctica: 3Y (Peter 1) 
   Asia:       1S, 7O, BS, P5, VU4 and VU5 
   Europe:     1A0, JX, R1 (FJL) and R1 (MVI) 
   N. America: CY0, FO/C, KP1, KP5, XF4 and YV0 
   Oceania:    3D2 (Conway), FK/C, KH1, KH5, KH7 (Kure), T33, VK9M, 
               VK9W, ZL7 and ZL9 
   S. America: CE0X, HK0 (Malpelo), VP8 (S. Georgia) and VP8 (S. Sandwich) 
In addition, I missed 5 last year that I believe were active: 5V, TN, V5, 
VP8 (S. Orkney) and C2. I missed some of these because I don't do Nets and 
Lists! So far in 2004 (by January 9th), I've worked over 120 entities. 
Best of DXing for 2004...... 73, Joe, W1JR"
W3UR, Bernie, and W1JR, Joe Reisert, have been discussing the subject 
of countries/entities activated in 2003 and what the accurate total 
is.  Over the course of a year there are enough erroneous or 
intentionally phony spots, or accurate spotting of phony stations, to 
give an inaccurate total if you just rely on spotting network 
statistics.  Bernie says it looks like 291 countries were actually on 
the air last year.  W1JR worked 286 of them and 287 the year before! 
He has worked as many as he can each year since 1986 but says he's 
going to ease up on that in 2004.  Going all out, he says, "is too 
much like work." 

W1JR's best annual total was 2001 with 293 countries worked.  When in 
doubt as to a station's authenticity, he does not count it in his 
total.  And last year about 200 of those worked were with his four- 
watt FT-817.  He worked 262 on CW, 245 on SSB and 163 on digital.  In 
2003 he missed 5V, TN, V8 and LU/Z (S. Orkneys) and maybe others.  He 
does not work any of his DX on nets or lists, which did cause a few of 
those "misses." 

Here is W1JR's list of ones he believes were "definitely not available 
in 2003:" 

AF: 3B6, 3Y (Bouvet), 5A, 9X, D6, E3, FR/G, FR/T, FT/W, FT/X. FT/Z, 
VK0 (Heard) and ZS8. 

Antarctica: 3Y (Peter 1) 

AS: 1S, 7O, BS, P5 (P5/4L4FN was gone before 2003..no?), VU4 and VU7 

EU:  1A0, and R1M 

NA: CY0, FO/C, KP1, KP5, XF4 and YV0. 

OC: 3D2/C, FK/C, KH1, KH5K, KH7 (Kure), T33, VK9M, VK9W, ZL7 and ZL9. 

SA: CE0X, HK0/M, VP8 (SG) and VP8 (Sand). 

Possibilities but doubtful are : C21, JX, R1FJL.


Courtesy of KB8NW OPDX Bulletin