2004 Year End Review by W1JR


2004 DXCC (Year in Review by K1JR). Joe Reisert, W1JR, has once again 
provided OPDX with his annual "DXCC Year In Review". He reports to your 
editor that 2004 was one of the poorest years for DXing, and he is really 
disappointed with his totals and the DX available during the year. Anyway, 
you may agree or disagree with him, but the following is always fun and 
interesting to read. 
      THE 2004 DXCC YEAR: "As you may remember (from my report last 
January), since 1988 I have been trying to work as many DXCC entities 
each year that I can catch without losing sleep or upsetting my XYL 'TOO' 
much. In a typical year, that is 275-285 with 293 (2001) being my highest 
total. All modes are used (CW, SSB and Digital). Furthermore, each year 
I try to add a little twist. One year was 100 Watts maximum, another 4 
Watts maximum and one with only an R7 vertical. In 2004, I decided to see 
how many (I can work) on all three modes. It really was lots of work. 
  The final totals were as follows: 273 different entities worked overall, 
258 on CW, 248 on SSB and 201 on Digital modes. I reckon I missed 12 
entities meaning that about 285 entities were active during 2004 (pirates 
not counted!). 
  Heres the list of the entities that I believe were not active in 2004. 
It can serve as a list of rare DX hi.: 
   AF : 3B6, 3C, 3C0, 3Y/B, 9X, D6, E3, FR/G, FR/J, FR/T, FT/W, FT/X, 
        FT/Z, J5, VK0H 
   ANT: 3Y/P 
   AS : 1S, 7O, BS, BV9P, E4, P5, VU7 
   EU : JX 
   NA : CY9, CY0, FO/C, KP1, KP5, TI9 
   OC : 3D2/C, 3D2/R, H40, KH1, KH3, KH5P/J, KH5KR , KH7, T31, VK9M, 
        VK9W, VK0M, VP6/D, ZK1/N (*), ZL8, ZL9 
   SA : CE0X, HK0M, PY0T, VP8SAND 
    *N. Cook maybe but not sure. 
  Finally, for fun, I started DXCC over again when I moved to my new 
QTH in New Hampshire in 1991. As a gauge for those chasing DXCC, it took 
about four (4) years to be Honor Roll eligible. The final ten worked took 
until now when VU4 was finally activated after a seventeen year hiatus. 
  I hope this info helps DX'ers trying to work them all! Then, for the 
final challenge, you can try to work them all on 10 bands for the DXCC 
Challenge Award, but not in ONE YEAR!"....... 73, Joe, W1JR


Courtesy of KB8NW OPDX Bulletin