Some Info on the HC8VHF Sound Clips


Nice memories! These recordings (in .wma format) of me at HC8VHF are at Academy Bay, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands. All recordings were made by JG1TSG in Japan.

Rig: Japanese Belcom Liner 6 transceiver, 9 watts to a 2 element homebrew 6 meter quad up 25 feet (made from PCV pipe).
Rotor: Alliance TV rotor.
Power supply: 12VDC deep cycle marine battery.

I was JG1TSG's first HC8 QSO back in 1981. He was my first JA QSO on 6 meters on June 17, 2017 at 2309z from NE8Z in Michigan (on JT65).
Back in 1981, I was the first ham activate from HC8 on 6m (2,084 QSO's) and also Satellite as HD8CD in 1977 (Oscar 10).
See QSL card!

73 Rick NE8Z / HC1MD

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