VS9SJF DX-Pedition

Here are 3 photos which were taken during the 1964/1965 Royal Air Force/Army Expedition to Socotra Island. Socotra is off the coast of Somalia and is now part of the Yemen although it was under British rule in 1964/65. The Expedition was on the Island for 2 months (December 1964 to February 1965) and I contacted over 100 countries with my little 75watt rig, including many from USA. The Heathkit DX-40U transmitter gave 74watts input on cw and 60 watts input controlled carrier modualtion (am). The receiver was an RCA AR88D. No electronic keyers in those days so a good wrist was needed! The antennas comprised a W3DZZ trap dipole (80-10 metres) and a vee beam was later erected, aimed at USA, with the legs about 200 feet long and 30 feet high.

The whole station was powered by a petrol generator, and as the fuel had to be
'rationed' long hours of operation were not possible. Over 500 contacts were made and all were QSL'd. The expedition returned to Cyprus, where we were all based and I returned to the UK in February 1965 when I eventually became G3UCQ although I no longer have ham gear. Perhaps one day I may return to the hobby.

I am hoping to re-visit Socotra in January 2001 but not with any ham gear.
73s John Farrar