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Ham Gallery Homepage


1 X 1 Special Event Callsign System

Amateur Vanity Call Sign Headquarters

Andorra QSL Information

ARRL FCC License Data Search

Australia--Register of Radiocommunication Licenses

Belarus Callbook

Belgian Ham Radio Callbook

Bosnia and Herzegovina Callbook

Buckmaster HamCall callsign Database

Bulgarian Callbook

Canadian Callsign Database

CIS Callsign Server

Corsican Radioamateur Callbook

Croatia Callbook

Czech Callbook

DB0SDX QSL Information Search

DX Central Callsign Lookup

DX Newsletter Search

E-Ham Callbook

E-Mail Amateur Radio Callbook

Estonia Callbook

French Callbook

FCC Daily Licensing Report - QRZ

FCC License Data Search by the ARRL

Finland Callbook Service

Go List QSL Manager Lookup

Greece Callbook

Guernsey Amateur Radio Callbook

Hong Kong Callbook

Iceland Amateur Radio Callbook

Indonesian e-Callbook

K4UTE QSL Manager Lookup

Latvian Radio Amateurs

Lithuania Callbook

Luxembourg Callbook

Malaysia Callbook

Monaco Callbook

Monaco Radio Amateurs

Mongolia Amateurs

Netherlands Callbook

Netherlands Homepages and Email Addresses of Dutch Amateurs

OZ7C QSL Search Machine

Polish Callbook

QRZ Database

Romanian Callbook

Russian QRZ.RU Hamradio On-Line

Russian Internet Callbook

RW1QM Callsign Databases

Slovak Callbook

Slovenia Radioamateurs Callbook

South Africa Callbook

Swedish Callbook

Taiwan Hams E-Book

Tajikistan Callbook

Univ. of Arkansas Callsign Database

URL Callbook for Amateur Radio

VE4 Callsign Area Page


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