N-23-Y 1929 aboard the S.S. Dromore Castle

The S.S. Dromore Castle launched as WAR POPLAR but completed as DROMORE CASTLE. It sank 20 miles SSE of River Humber in 53.29N 00.52E. on passage to London for Leith in ballast. No loss of life. N2BTD

W3LB, a ham radio station operated in Hagerslown by Itoger W. Clipp, was heard by W. Clyde Townsend, radio operator aboard the S. S..Dromore Castle, off the South African coast. N2BTD

This was 1929, before the advent of Nazi Germany, and I would assume the swastika was something like a good-luck emblem. I've not seen this on a card before. G4UZN

The Swastika,  or gammadion,  was a 'good luck' symbol in many parts of the world,  including the Redskins of USA.  I remember my father had a dark blue tie covered in thousands of them in silver about 4 or 4 millimetres across.  He (or my mother) burnt it when it acquired its later significance. G2JL

QSL G4UZN Collection
Info courtesy of N2BTD, G4UZN, G2JL