Gus Browning W4BPD DXpeditions

Updated Nov. 11, 2013

The ones that I have are in the black, the ones I need are in red. The following are the ones I have dupes of. I will trade the dupes for ones that I need.

Dupes: FR7ZC/T Tromelin, VQ9/A/BR Bertaut Reef, VQ9/A/A Aldabra, 5VZ8CM Togo, AC9A/BR Blenheim Reef, AC5A Bhutan, VQ9/A/D Des Roches, AC3H Sikkim, VQ9/A Seychelles, VQ9AA Aldabra, ZD9AM Tristan da Cunha, 9N1MM Nepal 10/63, FH0VP Comoro, XT0H Volta, 9U5BH Rwanda, VS9KDV Kamaran, VS9ASS Aden, FR7ZC/J Juan de Nova, 5T7H Mauratania, AC5A/AC4 Tibet, 9U5ZZ Burundi, LH4C Bouvet, FR7ZC/G Glorioso, VQ9/A/F Farquhar, AC3PT Sikkim, FR7ZC Reunion, AC7A Bhutan, AP5GB East Pakistan, 9N1MM Nepal, FR7ZC/E Europa, FH8CE Comores, VQ9/A/BC Boudeuse Cay, AC0A/MM Indian Ocean, AP5GB East Pakistan, ZD3A Gambia, AC0A/GR 6/70 Geyser Reef, VQ8CP Mauritius, VQ8CCR Rodrigues, 3B6CP Agalega, 6W/W4BPD Dakar, W4BPD/LX Luxembourg, VQ9/A/C Chagos Is., VQ9/A/EC Etoile Cay, W4BPD/4W1 Yeman, TZ5H Mali, YA1A Afghanistan, FL5A French Somaliland, FL9 French Somaliland, M1/W4BPD San Marino, 6O1AA Somalia, VQ9HB Seychelle, FR7ZC/T Tromelin, AC6H Bhutan, AC2H Bhutan.

First operations 1959-60

*My 3A2BW card isn't filled out, not sure if its the 1960 or 1962 operation. Its green call with black outline.

09/59 VQ9
Failed attempt, of
course no cards.
08/60 3A2BW Monaco*
09/60 IC1IN Campione d'Italia
09/60 M1/I1IN San Marino
09/60 M1/W4BPD San Marino
11/60 FL9 French Somaliland
10-11/60 VQ9A Seychelles
10-18/60 VQ9AIW/MM Maritime Mobile
11/60 6O1AA Somalia
11/60 VQ1A Zanzibar
12/60 MP4QAR Qatar
12/60 MP4BDE Bahrain
12/60 MP4TAK Trucial Oman

1. Expedition: 03/62-03/64

04/62 3A2BW Monaco
04/62 VQ9A Seychelles
04/62 VQ9HB Seychelles
05/62 VQ9AA Aldabra
06/62 VQ9A Seychelles
07/62 VQ9C Cosmolédo
07/62 VQ9A/7 Aldabra
07/62 VQ9A/AN Assumption
08/62 VQ9A/8C Chagos
08/62 VQ9A Seychelles
09/62 9U5BH Rwanda
09/62 9U5ZZ Burundi
11/62 ZD9AM Tristan da Cunha
ZD9AM? Is there a Gough card?
11/62 LH4C Bouvet
12/62 ZS6IF/ZS8 Basutoland
12/62 ZS6IF/ZS7 Swaziland
01/63 VQ8AI
from Raoul's station
01/63 VQ8BI Mauritius
02/63 FR7ZC Reunion
02/63 FR7ZC/J Juan de Nova
03/63 FH8CE Comores
03/63 5R8CM Madagascar
03/63 FR7ZI Reunion
04/63 FR7ZC/T Tromelin
04/63 FR7ZC/G Glorieuses
05/63 FR7ZC/E Europa
05/63 5R8CE/FH8 Comores
06/63 FL5A Fr. Somaliland
06/63 VS9KDV Kamaran
06/63 W4BPD/4W1 Yemen
06/63 VS9ASS Aden
07/63 AC5A Bhutan
08/63 AC5A/AC4 Tibet
09/63 AC7A Bhutan
09/63 AC3PT Sikkim
10/63 9N1MM Nepal
10/63 YA1A Afghanistan
11/63 VS9AAA Aden
Front of card is: VS9H
VS9HAA John Kuria-Muria
VS9HAA Gus Kuria-Muria
VQ4IN/VS9H Kuria-Muria
VS9HRK Kuria-Muria
12/63 AC7A Bhutan
01/64 AP5GB East Pakistan
01/64 YA5A Afghanistan
02/64 XW8AW Laos
02/64 HS1AA Thailand
02/64 XW8AW/BY China

2. Expedition: 02/65-12/65

02/65 AC8PN Bhutan (Chavna's qth, Thimphu)
02/65 AC5H Bhutan (Tashitsho Dzong)
03/65 AC8H Bhutan (Chamaphu Dzong)
04/65 AC9H Bhutan (Dechen-Choling)
04/65 AC6H Bhutan (Dukey Dzong)
05/65 AC2H Bhutan (Wangdurphodrang)
04/65 AC0H Bhutan (Chuka Dzong)
05/65 AC3H Sikkim
05/65 AC1H Bhutan (Shongar Dzong)
05/65 AC4H Tibet
06/65 AC7H Bhutan (Phuntscholing)
06/65 9N1MM Nepal
08/65 YA2H Afghanistan
07/65 YA6H Afghanistan (Puston-Zarghoon)
07/65 YA7H Afghanistan (Jaba-Us-Serai)
07/65 YA8H Afghanistan
07/65 YA9H Afghanistan (Kaleft)
06/65 YA0H Afghanistan (Quala-I-Panja)
08/65 4X0TP/J Israel/Jamboree
08/65 4X5VB Nazerith, Israel
08/65 4X9HQ Israel 
08/65 4X1DK Palestine ("Israel - Jordon Demiliterized")
09/65 OD5BZ Lebanon
09/65 JY74 Jordan
10/65 OY2GHK Faroes Islands
10/65 W4BPD/LX Luxembourg
10/65 DJ0OR/P Germany
11/65 5VZ8CM Togo
11/65 TY3ATB Dahomey/Benin
12/65 5T7H Mauratania
12/65 XT0H Volta
12/65 TZ5H Mali
01/66 4M5A Venezuela
??/66 MP4MAI Muscat and Oman

3. Expedition: 02/69-08/69

02/69 6W/W4BPD Senegal
03/69 ZD3A Gambia
03/69 VQ8CCR Rodriquez
04/69 VQ8CPR Rodriquez
All blue card.
04/69 VQ8CPR Rodriquez
Blue,green card
04/69 VQ8CP Mauritius
05/69 VQ9/A Seychelles
06/69 AC0A/MM Indian Ocean
06/69 VQ9/A/D Desroches
06/69 VQ9/A/BR Bertaut Reef
06/69 VQ9/A/EC Etoile Cay
06/69 VQ9/A/BC Boudeuse Cay

4. Expedition: 05/70-08/70

05/70 5Z4ERR Kenya
05/70 FH0VP Comores
06/70 AC0A/GR Geyser Reef
07/70 VQ9/A/F Farquhar
07/70 3B6CP Agalega
07/70 AC9A/BR Blenheim Reef
07/70 VQ9/A/C Chagos
08/70 VQ9/A/A Aldabra
08/70 AC0A/GR Geyser Reef
07/70 AC7A/MM Maritime Mobile
07/70 AC8A/MM Maritime Mobile

Expedition: 1981

1981 W4BPD/C6A Bahama Islands

Home Station:
Gus had at least 6 designs of cards from his home in Cordova, SC. I am also willing to trade for these W4BPD cards.


If you have any of these and can part with them, please contact me at:


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