K7CHP 1933 Cape St. Elias, Alaska

Charles Brown was a native Alaskan born in 1902 in Ketchikan, his father and mother were native Indians. He started out in life as a Salmon fisherman and eventually in 1930 became an electrician at a local paper mill. By 1934 he was a Coast Guardsman stationed at Cape St. Elias near Cordova Alaska. Here is his card from Cape St. Elias in 1934. I was told he expired in Ketchikan after retirement. Trying to ascertain if he kept his ticket over the years.

I was stationed near Guard Island in the 50's for two years, luckily my duty was a ship and we used 100% CW then. We used KL7CGH at the base. The place had awful propagation, JA's and UA0's came in like gangbusters. W8SU

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