OK7HZ/ZA 1959 Albania

OK7HZ was Jiri Hanzelka ( 1920-2003), a famous Czech world traveller and travel writer. His first expedition was to Africa and South America, 1947-1950. The second, and the one this card is from, was 1959-1964 to Asia and Oceania. His co-traveller was Miroslav Zikmund - equally famous. This was not a radio dxpedition, although they seem to have managed to get on the air, at least from Iraq, Albania, and also from Syria (they were only there for one day, and made six QSO's). The problem was of course, that with a long transcontinental trip, crossing many borders, transporting radio equipment would not have been easy, and the main reason for being able to get on the air at all was to communicate back home. Transport on the first trip was by the Czech Tatra F87; on the second, the Tatra 805. Maybe they were sponsored. And after 1964? Well, politics again, as with JT1AA. Jiri supported the Prague Spring, and after the Soviet invasion, he lost his job and license, and couldn't work again until the fall of Communism.

Hans had permission to operate in various East Block European countries. His OK7HZ/ZA operation lasted 2 days. Albania remained silent for another 11 years.

QSL from the estate of ET3VC, MP4BDL, HZ3TYQ, HZ3TYQ/8Z4, W8NUV, W2YOJ, W1TYQ
Info courtesy of G4UZN