VP2EE 1970 Anguilla

Operators: W9ZRX, W9ZTD, W9IGW, K9RHN, PJ7JC

I'm sure the 1970's were the "good old days" for many of us.  I think that was my
last operation outside the US in a Contest.  I'd been in Anguilla the year
before with PJ2MI's QSL Manage, Bert Iseman - can't remember his VE3 Call,
I think we were the first trying for a License on Anguilla since the British
made Amphibious and Airborne landings when Anguilla rebelled from being
forced into an Associated State with St. Kitts and Nevis.  There were
various stories about the Communists and Mafia ..........

There was no "prefix' for Anguilla.  Bert brought a letter from the ARRL
suggesting VP2E - the "E" for Eel which is how Anguilla translates.  We met
with the British High Commissioner.  I had really looked forward to it, but
shortly after we returned to Sint Maarten I came down with whatever "bug"
VP2LA's son had when I stayed with him in St. Lucia the previous week!!  I
spent the CQWW kneeling in front of the Porcelain Throne - and I gave my bug
to everyone I had been around on Sint Maarten - including the Doctor at the
hospital and the nuns.  Serves them right for sticking a rectal thermometer
where it didn't belong!

The next year I went back with then -W9ZTD (now WF5E), K9RHN, W9WW, and
PJ2MI.  A friend of PJ2MI took us to Anguilla in a boat and the British let
us land at a dock for Customs Inspection, and then sail around to the beach
where the hotel was located.  We off-loaded in the surf at which time I
managed to get a first-class sunburn.  Antenna supports were largely
improvised from scraps of pipe and wood.  The "Verticle-in-the-ocean" worked
like gangbusters.

The people who owned the hotel had purchased their land through the
authorities on St. Kitts - resulting in them not being accepted by the local
population.  Their twin engine airplane and three-phase generator had been
sabotaged and ruined.  The British steered folks like us their direction.
The owner's wife could turn a Sow's ear into a Silk Purse and the Brits
brought her their rations which she turned into great food.  I went with her
to buy and pay for our food.  What she did with what I saw was a miracle.

Lots of really good memories - and times I thought would never end.  Now the
same stretch of beach that cost us $60/day, goes for well over $1000-$2000
per day.  Of course the quarters are more magnificent - but the beach is
still the same.
Excuse my reminising ............
73 --> Dave, W9PA (ex-W9ZRX & VP2EE circa 1970)

QSL from the estate of W3GHS / W3NZ
Info courtesy of W9ZRX / W9PA