VP2EHF 1995 Anguilla

Operator: Dave Mann VP2EHF
Dorothea VP2EE became a SK July 2, 2014


Your posting of the VP2EHF card from 1995 brought back some pleasant memories.
I was VP2EFO in Dave and Dorothea's rental apartment for CQWW CW and Dave
was kind enough to give me 6 bands from his shack with his trusty Vibroplex Champion.
Dave, Dorothea, and I established a special bond when we discovered we were all
Vietnam veterans. Dorothea was a Lieutenant Colonel and Dave was a Warrant Officer.
My Staff Sergeant rank added to the mix! I have been trying to find Dorothea, and now
I know she is sadly a SK. She suffered from fibromyalgia for a long time. Dave is now
N4CVX in Brentwood, TN, but due to a stroke and brain injury, doesn't remember our
time together. I do, however, and the kindness of two quality people will always be with me.
My visit was a short time after Hurricane Luis decimated the island. Dave and I worked like
fools to put together some antennas for me. I was so exhausted after all the work that I could only
put in 39 hours in the contest. Still managed 5300 QSOs thanks to all of Dave's help with the antennas.
73, Don K8MFO

QSL & Info courtesy of K8MFO