9TC 1926 Chile

The attached scan is from a 1926 card. The story is interesting, although Raven-Hart does not have an entry in Wikipedia, and the entry there on Los Andes is of little value. Roland Raven Hart 1889-1971. Born Glenella, Ireland. An Engineer. He enlisted in the British Army in World War One, and served in "sensitive missions" in France, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Egypt, etc. He installed antennas on one of the pyramids in Egypt for communications with military staff. He was awarded the OBE, Croix de Guerre, and Russian and other awards. After World War I, he went to Buenos Aires, and worked on the Trans-Andean Railroad, and when the railroad reached there, he settled in Los Andes (in Chile) in the mountains, where he installed his to-be-famous 9TC station. He became famous, not for amateur radio, but for broadcast reception. In 1923 he was the first in South America to hear an American broadcast station - KDKA of Pittsburgh, PA. His other broadcast station reception achievements (mostly in Argentina) are recorded elsewhere. He served in the Royal Air Force in World War II; he was a leading canoeist, a linguist, and a writer and translator of the history of Ceylon (Sri Lanka). There is no record of any amateur radio operation after 9TC. Most of the above is based on google translation of a Spanish broadcast history site.

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