MSKW-6 1930 USSR

Operator: RK-2627

ODR = Obshchestvo druzjei radio = Society of the friends of the radio - established 1926 for the Rusian Federation, 1928 as an all-Union organisation
SKW = Sekzia korotkikh voln = Short Wave section of ODR (local sections) - established May 1926
MSKW = Callsign of the Moscow SKW collective station (various operators)
25-28 December 1928 the first Allunion Conference of Shortwave amateurs in Moscow (116 delegates from 59 sections, 320 private/individual licensees, 1480 SWLs.
All ODRs are now part of a central ODR organisation within SKW which is re-defined as a communist class-struggle force.

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