OY7ML 1958 Faroe Islands


OY7ML Martin Haasen runs 75W. Antennas were a 40M long wire and 20M vertical. Receiver was a MW.E.C./Converter.


Martin has now put this rare spot on SSB with K6AXS's KWM-1 transmitter (not shown). He is now active on SSB having arranged to borrow the SSB transmitter for about a month. He has two frequencies available, 14303 and 14306 Kcs. He is using a ground plane antenna.


QSL from the estate of W1DCE / W1JC
1st Photo from the OVARA Ether Waves Magazine, Vol. 6, No. 5, May 1957.
Editor of Ether Waves was Don Chesser W4KVX
Photo taken by W4JBQ
2nd Photo from Don Chesser DX Magazine #53, December2, 1958
Photo by K6ENL, Info by W1GR, SM3C21, W2VZV