OO BAM 1927 Tahiti, French Polynesia

In January 1927, Georges BAMBRIDGE is the first amateur, QTH in Papeete - Tahiti.
The call sign used was only "BAM" (for BAMbridge), and after "OO BAM". He used another cal from is vessel:  "OO GEO" (GEO for goelette). The prefix "OO" was  "O" for Océanie, and "O" french prefixe for polynésie (always use today as "FO"). In 1930, the French administration change the "OO" to "F-0", and BAMBRIDGE receive is new call : "F-0CB".  In 1932, new prefixe and two new call: "F3OCB" (Tahiti) and "F3OCD" in Mataica, where is the vessel.  "F3O" was the new prfixe por French Polynésie. after the Madrid's 1932 CIT. In 1937, the prefix "F3O" is changed by the french administration to "FO3" and BAMBRIDGE receive his last callsign: "FO3BT", use since his dead in 1942.

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