HDPP 1948 Galapagos Islands

A commercial format callsign!

The operator was Lester C. Henson, W7MMX, ex-W5BAQ (1927), Silent Key (1909-1956).
Lester may have been a radio operator for the company, Columbia River Packers Assn. of Astoria, Oregon, a fish packing company, which was fishing around the islands.
Let worked on Isabel Island in conjunction with the Tuna fleet.

HDPP appears to be a commercial callsign, possibly a call issued to the tuna fleets base station.
Les seemed to use this callsign on the ham bands as well!

QSL from the estate of W9ANS / W6VFR / W6FR
Info courtesy of W5KNE, 5B4AHJ, NL7XM