VS6AW 1973 Hong Kong

Photo caption: Doug, ZP6CW (VS6AW), at the ZP Bureau. Photo courtesy of XE1KK.

The operator--Douglas J. Woolley--better known today as ZP6CW and N4PW, makes his home in Caacupe, Paraguay. Doug has operated from many interesting countries.

He was first licensed as KN2OSD around 1954, then moved to Virginia and was KN4EZL and later K4EZL. His U.S. call is now N4PW.

He has been in Paraguay since 1982 and has no plans to leave. His first call in Paraguay was ZP5XDW, then ZP4XDW/6 when he moved to 6-land, followed by ZP6XDW and now ZP6CW.

Before moving to Paraguay he was posted overseas with the U.S. Foreign Service. His first posting was to Caracas where he could not get a call. Other overseas postings, of two years each, were XW8CR, EP2VW, OA4DW and VS6AW.

He held the call W3BFY for a while when he was employed by NASA as a contract employee in Greenbelt, Maryland. He spent a year in Chile as N4PW/CE3.

N4PW is a member of ARRL's A-1 Operator's Club.

In 2004 Doug placed all of his ZP5XDW, ZP5XDW/6, ZP6XDW and ZP6CW logs on Logbook of the World.

He is married and his wife, Dani, is ZP6CU.

QSL courtesy of G3PGP
Son of G8DL
Photo courtesy of XE1KK
Info courtesy of W5KNE