ITU Headquarters, Europe

CQ Zone 14, ITU Zone 28


If you have any cards from ITU Headquarters that aren't listed below, please send them to K8CX for the Gallery.


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4U0ITU 1978 by HB9RS

4U1ITU 1962 by W8JIN

4U1ITU 1988 by I0HUB

4U1ITU 1975 by K8IA

4U1ITU 1991 by HB9RS


4U1ITU 1979 by HB9RS

4U1ITU 1983 by HB9RS

4U1ITU 1982 by HB9RS

4U1ITU 1989 by AH6HY

4U1ITU 1958 by ON4AW

4U1ITU 1984 by W2RRX

4U1ITU 1962 by W8SU

4U1ITU 1962 by W8SU

4U1ITU 1969 by W3NZ

4U2ITU 1987 by HB9RS

4U3ITU 1971 by HB9RS

4U4ITU 1965 by HB9RS

4U5ITU 1990 by HB9RS

4U6ITU 1974 by HB9RS

4U6ITU 1981 by HB9RS

4U7ITU 1870 by HB9RS

4U8ITU 1976 by HB9RS

4U9ITU 1984 by HB9RS


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