HNd9a 1958 Iraq

HND9A was QRV as SV0WPP in 1964.
He was a QRV as 9K2BV in 1968
He also operated as F9DF.

The call HND9A was derived as follows:
HN - Iraq commercial
D - Daura refinery
9 - the 9th station
A- Amateur
All the above is from CQ Magazine.

From the Club Log QSO database, it is evident that:
SV0WPP was QRV May 1964-April 1965.
9K2BV was QRV Feb 1968-early 1969.
He was not very active as F9DF. Club Log has a single QSO in January 1967.

SV0WPP was also QRV in the 1970's, that may have been a different op.

QSL Collection at DokuFunk, Vienna
Courtesy of OE1WHC
Info courtesy of 5B4AHJ, Club Log