GD5BTU 1978 Isle of Man

Operator: Frank Donovan W3LPL

Yes indeed GD5BTU brings back many strong memories!
Just before a six week business trip to England in 1976, I was  listening on  20 meter SSB and heard a booming strong signal from GD3KGC, a ham I had never heard before. During an idle weekend in September, I made a trip to IOM to try to locate his QTH. I simply rang Bob's doorbell and introduced  myself as I've done several times around the world when discovering a ham antenna. I've never been turned away.
Later that day, Bob invited me back for the contest weekend.  I arrived on Thursday morning before the contest and we spent much of the day successfully  rebuilding his 2 element HyGain quad.
Unknown to me, Bob had arranged a party at his QTH  on Friday night for me. I had too much to drink, not a good way to begin the 1976 CQWW SSB! At about 5 am Sunday I needed a few hours of sleep in the very comfortable bed in the same room where I was operating. Too comfortable...  At about 11 a.m. I woke up with a start after missing most of the early high band openings to Asia. Bob mentioned how he didn't wake me because I was sleeping so soundly!
That QSL is from my return trip in 1978 for a visit with Bob and his wife for a few days.
Thanks for the memories!
73, Frank W3LPL

QSL from the estate of K2CHN, W0QFD, W7UYE, K6TZX, W6JD
Info courtesy of W3LPL