Latvia, Europe

DX Zone 15, ITU Zone 29

If you have any cards from Latvia that aren't listed below, please send them to K8CX for the Gallery.

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ET2AS 1927 by G3NDC

ET2UA 1928 by K8CX

ET2UA 1929 by K8CX

ET2XA 1927 by W3CJ

ET2XQ 1927 by G3NDC

KC2U 1926 by F2VX

RQ2GGS 1987 by W2EZB

UK2GAN 1973 by VA6AW

UQ2CC 1968 by UA3CC

UQ2GDW 1981 by W6JD

UQ2GTK 1989 by W3KOD

UQ2GW 1970 by K6UNT

YL2AC 1930 by G3NDC

YL2AS 1930 by G3NDC

YL2BB 1933 by K8CX

YL2BQ 1931 by K8CX

YL2BQ 1934 by K8CX

YL2BZ 1933 by K8CX

YL2CM 1938 by NG6W

YL2FP 1931 by UY5XE

YL2GK 1930 by G3NDC

YL2K 1929 by G3NDC

YL2RA + Photo 1930 by W2VRK

YL2SM 2002 by HL1AV

YL2000UZ 2000 by OE1HGW

UQ2AB 1959 by W3NVS


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