FB8AB 1936 Madagascar

F. Paul Bour was also FB8C in 1935. And, he signed XFB8AB (maritime mobile) at St. Paul Island, Indian Ocean. The ship he was on was marooned on the island. His QST for help was heard on the morning of December 18, 1938 by W7DWG, Bremerton, Washington. W7DWG alerted radio station NPG and the U.S. Coast Guard at Seattle. W6OMR worked XFB8AB the day and heard the story. This started a chain of events that eventually sent a French rescue ship steaming from Madagascar to St. Paul Island. You can read the details in the February 1939 issue of QST.

QSL + Photos courtesy of W8KPB, NG6W
Info courtesy of W5KNE