HK0TU 1969 Malpelo Island

Operators: HK3RQ Bill Elasmar MD, W0DX Bob Denniston, K6JGS/HK3 Don Blankenship, HK5BFJ Jose Saouda, HK3BM Raul, HK3HY Gabriel Becerra, HK3VA - TI2CMF Carlos Fonseca, HK3BAS Pacho, HK5EV Carlos, HK5ACI Luis, HK5ASF Enrique, W4DQS Dale Strieter, W4VPD Enos Schera.

There is one other person listed on the QSL card for the 1969 HK0TU Malpelo expedition who never went along This was HK3WO who was Fuad Abuaba, a Colombian medical doctor of Lebanese descent who later immigrated to the U.S. For some unknown reason he could not participate. He was a great DX operator from Colombia during that era.

This is the stark view you see all around Malpelo Island. There is nothing but sheer vertical cliffs.

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Don Blankenship W4PUL

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QSL from the estate of W1EOA
Photos and Story from W4PUL