X3A 1932 Mexico

Geoffrey W. Lord XE1GE, born in Mexico in 1907 with English parents. From 1928 he was second operator at X3A and in 1933 he received his own call X1BG. His license was revoked in 1934 because even though he was born in Mexico he had no Mexican citizenship. In 1936 he got back his license and used the XE1GL call until 1941 when everybody's license was suspended on account of the war. After the war, he returned as XE1GE. He really kept on being re-born from the ashes.

He was one of the founders of the origin Mexican League of Radio Experimentadores in 1932 and the last survivor of that group of radio experimenters; He held the positions of Secretary and Treasurer, besides always being a very active collaborator.

Post-war as XE1GE he was a six meter band enthusiast; one of top operators with a Worked All States on Six and a very efficient station on all bands. He is still reported as being active in the 1990's; his date of death not known. G4UZN

I worked him several times on 50 mhz, the last contact being March 1992. Yes was very active on 6 metres and a lovely man. VK3BDL / VK3QKI did learn that he went by two other names in Mexico:
1. Geoffrey William Lord Hibbert (Hibbert would be his mother's maiden name).
2. In the Winter 1962 Callbook: Godofredo W. Lord, XE1GE.
I have not yet found a record of his death. In a 2007 document he is mentioned as being a Silent Key.

QSL Patrick Rigg Collection
Info courtesy of G4UZN, VK3BDL/VK3QK, W5KNE