JT1YL 1958 Mongolia

Operator: Milada Klouckova


Photo of Ludvik Kloucek JT1AA & Milada JT1YL
They gave out rare zone 23 to the deserving. They were very active on 15 meters and also got on 20 meters. They did return to their home in Czechoslovakia shortly after this photo appeared in the DX Bulletin making zone 23 very rare.


Mila JT1YL


Ludvik JT1AA and XYL Mila JT1YL


Mila JT1YL from January 1959 Short wave Magazine


QSL UY5XE Collection
Photo from Don Chesser W4KVX The Ohio Valley DX Bulletin #35, July 1, 1958
Second & third photo from Don Chesser W4KVX DX Magazine #91, October 28, 1959
, sent by W6AM
Forth photo from January 1959 Short Wave Magazine courtesy of W5KNE