Mount Athos, Europe

DX Zone 20, ITU Zone 28

If you have any cards from Mount Athos that aren't listed below, please send them to K8CX for the Gallery.

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DJ5CQ/SV/A 1984 by W4DMV

DL7FT/SV/A 1986 by I4EAT

DL7FT/SV/A 1986 by DL8ZAW

SV1DB/A 1973 by G4UZN

SV1DC/A 1979 by W6YA

SV1GA/A 1975 by W1CNU

SV1JG/A 1979 by SV1QFF

SV1JG/A 1980 by K8CX

SV2ASP/A 1996 by K8CX

SV2ASP/A 1994 by DE0BRF

SV2ASP/A 1999 by SP1RKB

SV2ASP/A 1991 by W9NWG

SV2ASP/A 2006 by W6/IK3ZAW

SV2ASP/A 1994 by IK4WMA

SV2ASP/A 2007 by VE3NEA

SV2AUA 1991 by N1UK

SV2QO/SY 1980 by I0HUB

SV2RE/A 1990 by W1TYQ

SV2TX/SY 1987 by K3ZO

SV2UA/A 1990 by I4EAT

SY/DJ6SI 1991 by N4MHQ

SY1MA 1972 by OE1HGW

SY5MA 1973 by G4UZN

W6LAS/SVA 1983 by G4UZN


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