ZL4AQ 1954 New Zealand

A coincidence that the suffix initials are the same as my name....
This card was for a s.w.l. report (from me).

The ZL was calling, on a.m. phone, F7SHP in Paris, at half past ten at night on an otherwise dead 20 metres. A long call as I remember. I was sixteen years old at the time, listening on the domestic steam radio. I knew nothing about antennas. I mean nothing. It was a bit of wire out of the window tied to the fence, and there was another wire tied to an earth rod. It was enough ........ I heard the F7SHP often during the daytimes when home from school. Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe - sounded terrific. They must have been underfunded though - they didn't QSL to s.w.l.s.
Half a century or so later, I bought one on eBay.

73, Tony G4UZN

G4UZN Collection