Niger Republic, Africa

Only contacts made Aug. 3, 1960, and after, count for this entity.

CQ Zone 35, ITU Zone 46

If you have any cards from Niger Republic that aren't listed below, please send them to K8CX for the Gallery.

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5U1A 2002 by K8CX

5U2K 2001 by K8CX

5U4R 2002 by DL9WVM

5U5R 2017 by K8CX

5U5Z 2003 by HL1AV

5U5Z 2004 by DL9WVM

5U7/I2VA 1987 by S51DX

5U7AC 1961 by W6YA

5U7AK + Info 1967 by K8CX, W5KNE

5U7AL 1967 by W8UAS

5U7JB 2002 by DL9WVM

5U7M 1991 by K8CX

5U7M 1992 by K8CX

5U7M 1992 by K8CX

5U7M 1993 by K8CX

5U7M 1992 by K8CX

5U7M 1993 by W7HBK

5U7M 1992 by W3HGS

5U7NU 1989 by K8CX

5U7QL 1989 from K8CX

5U7X 2000 by DE0BRF

5U7Y 1994 by K8CX

5U7Y 1994 by K8CX

5U7Z 2000 by DJ9ZB

5U5Z 2003 by HL1AV

5U9C 2002 by K8CX

5UV386 1988 by G4UZN, W3EVW

OR4ES 1973 by DL3APO

TU4BR/5U7 1988 by RA3AUM


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